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Nabeel Mehdi

Toxicologic pathologist Consultant, with about 30 years experience. A proven track record in establishing and managing pathology and toxicology functions (Nycomed, SB, GSK & Pfizer) with strong organizational and management skills.  Consistently achieved and delivered on projects. Experience in:

  • Pathology peer review and primary interpretation of gross, microscopic, and clinical pathology data from toxicology studies.
  • Planning, execution and monitoring of all types of regulatory toxicology studies.
  • Strategies for nonclinical development programs,toxicological risk assessment and interaction with government regulatory authorities.

Nabeel earned his BVM&S with Honours from Baghdad University in 1973 and completed specialitytraining in Toxicology / Pathology residency at Purdue University, Indiana, USA.  He received a MS in 1980 and a Ph.D. in Pathology in 1984 and is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (1984).Nabeel joined Toxicity Research Laboratories, Michigan (1984) as a Pathologist. Subsequently, he served as Pathologist and consultant to Chemie Linz Pharma AG in Austria and was promoted internally to the position of Head of Pathology.

Nabeel then transitioned to the position of Director of Safety Evaluation in 1990 at Nycomed Pharmawhere he had line management and operational responsibility for general toxicology and pathology groups. Additional responsibilities included protocol generation, study pricing, marketing and consulting responsibilities and the design / execution of drug development programmes.  Consequently, Nabeel is expert in:

  • planning, execution and monitoring of all types of regulatory toxicology studies  (particularly acute, subacute, chronic and carcinogenicity studies)
  • interpretation and review of data obtained from these studies
  • toxicological risk assessment and interaction with government regulatory agencies (FDA and EMA).

Nabeel joined GlaxoSmithKline 1997 Director of Investigative Pathology/ Director of Discovery and Regulatory Pathology. His responsibilities included planning pathology slide reading and evaluation of all types of regulatory toxicology studies, acting as the peer review pathologist for many study types and providing project manager, project team member and scientific leadership of projects across multiple therapeutic areas including anti-infectives, cardiovascular, neuroscience, anti-inflammatory / analgesia, oncology and biotechnical products.

Nabeel joined Pfizer as a Senior Director and Toxicologic Pathology Leader in Sandwich in 2007. He provided key support to establish a fully fledged Pathology department in the UK following the decision to establish DSRD at the Sandwich site. Pathology functions at Pfizer included regulatory, investigative, efficacy and safety studies for six therapeutic areas, disease model support and data generation for target safety / validation. Pathology experience for disease area support included experience with virology, genito-urinary, pain, allergy & respiratory, obesity and neurology therapeutic research.

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