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Lars Knutsen

Lars J.S. Knutsen began his research career at Glaxo Group research, Ware, UK after completing his MA in Chemistry at Oxford. At Glaxo he completed his Ph.D. in C-Nucleoside Medicinal Chemistry, joining Novo Nordisk in 1986. There, he led two CNS projects, identifying the anticonvulsant GABA uptake inhibitor Tiagabine™ and NNC 21-0136, an adenosine agonist stroke drug candidate. At Vernalis, UK from 1997–2001 he also initiated two projects leading to clinically investigated drugs, adenosine A2A antagonist V2006/BIIB014 for Parkinson’s Disease and a CB1 antagonist for obesity. Lars then joined Ionix Pharmaceuticals, the UK’s first pain-focused Biotech in Cambridge, UK as Director of Chemistry, and after the sale of that company he moved to s US Medicinal Chemistry group as the company’s first Distinguished Scientist in late 2005, where he invented CEP-26401 (Irdabisant), a novel histamine H3 antagonist now in clinical trials. Lars lectures widely on drug discovery, has published 45 papers, holds 30 patents, is an Adjunct Professor at Drexel University College of Medicine and serves on the Science Advisory Board of The Charcot Marie Tooth Foundation (www.cmtausa.org).  He is a founder and acting CEO of the start-up company, Requis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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