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Gilles Hanton

Gilles Hanton graduated as Doctor in Veterinary Medicine in 1976 and as Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology in 1990.  After academic activities, he started his career in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 1984 and worked first for 2.5 years as Study Director for nonhuman primates toxicity studies at Searle. Then he moved to Pfizer and worked for 22 years as a Senior Toxicologist and Scientific Adviser, which included designing and supervision of regulatory and mechanistic toxicity studies as Study Director or Monitor of contracted out studies, participation in drug development as the representative of the Toxicology Department in multidisciplinary groups, development of new technologies and training of juniors scientists.  During these years, he has acquired a broad experience in the development of new molecules and in the strategy for evaluating the safety and adverse effects of various pharmaceutical compounds. He also took an active part in the writing of submission documents and he has developed an expertise mainly in cardiovascular toxicology and pharmacology as well as in inhalation toxicology. His activities in evaluating drug adverse effects on function and morphology of heart and blood vessels resulted in a number of publications in peer reviewed journals and presentations as an invited speaker in international meetings.

In 2008, Gilles joined Tibotec/Johnson and Johnson and worked for 2 years as Senior Director Preclinical Toxicology, actively participating in the safety evaluation of new anti-viral compounds. As an expert in Drug Development and Toxicology, Gilles is an European Registered Toxicologist and is currently working as a scientific consultant for the pharmaceutical or biotechnological industry or with CROs. His major activities are the evaluation of the safety of antibodies derivatives, giving advice for new drugs development and safety evaluation, issue solving and collaboration to interaction with registration authorities.

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